If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.

- Woodrow Wilson
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Pat and
CH Sportsman's Alibi von Herrenhausen  
4-15-93  3-05-05
VC CH Alibi's Montana Gold  JH, MH, RN 
UT 1 201/204 VC Score 200

Not all hunting trips turn out like you think they should!!  
Buddy in action
Buddy says, "Where's the pheasant, Mom?"
Buddy and his goose... miss that old man!
VC Alibi's Tomorrow Is A Better Day
(Our new puppy Keeper's sire)

"I've been hunting for many many years but today ranks at the top for one of the best days ever. My ten year old grandson got two mallards and his first banded. Tommy got the retrieve." 

Gary Engebretson
From Gregory K. Fritz, MD:

My griffon, Jack, I got from you when he was 8 months old. He was whelped on Sept 9, 2005. Sire was Duchasseur Bayou; dam was Alibi’s Thousands Cheered. Even at 8 months, he was the perfect gentleman in the house and an enthusiastic hunter. He has always been the opposite of an alpha dog with other dogs and little kids—a little timid and wary. Oddly, he has very strong prey drive toward small animals and has done his share to reduce the feral cat and woodchuck population in our suburban/rural neighborhood.  

He’s a great hunter for all upland birds with a stylish, tail up point that he’ll hold forever. He honors naturally (meaning that I never tried to train him to do it) and retrieves enthusiastically, also with no training. He loves the water and will swim along with me for an hour as I walk in our estuary in waist deep water looking for clams. Photos are from a recent hunt in SD: Jack pointing a pheasant between him and the camera and a picture of the two of us after he made a long retrieve on the bird. 

 If I could clone him, I would.
Bjorn Roset
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