Hi Pat,

Greetings from the west coast of Canada.  Its been a long time since I've dropped you a line.  

I was just visiting your website (a thing I do now and then) and noticed that you are doing a repeat breeding of Buddy and Gretchen Winter 2007.   I wanted to add my testimonial to say what a fabulous cross that was.  Augie is the most incredible dog I've had the pleasure of living with.  He is athletic (you could watch him move all day), healthy, kind, bold, smart, affectionate and plain enthusiastic about life.  How can  you tell we adore him ;-)  He is a marvel to watch in the woods, tracking, running and leaping.  He always amazes me at how strong and agile he is.  He gets along realy well with other dogs and has lots of dog & people friends.

Attached are some recent pictures.  We had the pleasure of taking him with us on a long backpacking trip into the Rockies this summer.  It was a delight to watch his joy and enthusiasm.  We had a great time.  One of the attached pictures is him and me enjoying an afternoon siesta in the wilderness.

There's also a picture of Augie and some Griff friends down in Washington State.  The boys had just had a wonderful time chasing decoys in the Ocean.  Augie's the one on the far left.  The one on the far right is a son of Buddy (out of a bitch in Oregon) and the Griff 2nd from the left is a full brother to Buddy (different litter).

I'll try and get a side view picture so you can see how well put together he is.

I hope all is going well with you.  Thank you for sending us such a wonderful Griff.   He is our constant companion (comes to work with one of us everyday).  I think he gets kissed more than any dog I know.

Linda Manzer
Wirehaired Pointing Griffons of Alibi Too
Don't accept your dog's admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.

 - Ann Landers
                    "Alibi's Hunter Hank"

he's such a wonderful dog. He works so hard and loves his work. But the bottom line is that he has the right genes. He has an incredibly fine nose. I've never seen a dog with such a nose. He's smart as a whip. Has mastered voice commands and now is doing very well with hand signals. But he is not a machine. He's my partner. We're a team. Thank you for your dedication to breeding supurb hunting dogs. Hank is my treasure.

 "Alibi's Hunter Hank" The stuff he does just fills my heart Pat. When he gets tired, he wants to snuggle. He goes to sleep in my arms while I’m in my study reading.

19 months old. Incredible. Donald Jackson
"Little White Boy (Calvin)"

Hi Pat!

I'm sure you don't remember us, but we got a puppy from you almost ten years ago! (that doesn't seem possible).

You called him Little White Boy, but we call him Calvin - and Calvin has been the center of our household. He is loved by everyone - by far the best dog we have ever had. We live in Alaska now and Calvin absolutely loves it. We are on a lake and have moose in our yard. Calvin loves the cold and runs the frozen lake in his snow boots!

My daughter and I were just talking about puppies and I thought I would ask if you are still breeding. 

Hope all is well with you!
Rebecca Kinworthy                 
"Buddy and Gretchen's puppy, Augie"
Bjorn Roset
(501) 240-9922 or broset@att.net